Food-and-Drink Placed in a fruit tray or basket along with other fruits, the auspicious-looking avocado pales in the presence of other brightly-colored and sweet-tasting fruits. More likely, it will not be eaten unless there is no more competition. Injustice is done to this underrated fruit-vegetable more often than necessary because the avocado nutrition is not well emphasized, not even in schools. As early as preschool, a student knows that "A" is for "Apple" and "O" is for "Orange". This probably explains why the particular penchant for apple among kids, can you say the same for avocado? When claims are made with regards the avocado being one of the most favorite tropical fruit, it comes with the knowledge of avocado nutrition and its versatility as a fruit and vegetable. The knowledge about avocado nutrition as well as its versatility as an ingredient to many recipes could be the reason why people look at avocado in a new light. What is avocado packed with to merit a special place in the table and in the tummy? About 75% of the fats from avocado calories are high density lipids (HDL) or good cholesterol ranking second only to olives. Truly, avocado provides a delectable way of countering cholesterol or Low Density Lipids (LDL). Contrary to common myth, it is also good for reducing body weight as the monounsaturated fat improves basal metabolic rate; plus, the high density flesh due to carbohydrate and fiber content keeps the stomach full, thus, minimizing overeating. Inspite of the carbohydrates, avocados remain to have a very low glycemic index that makes it ideal for diabetic patients. If truth be told about avocado nutrition, it is an almost complete meal with about fourteen vital nutrients. Noteworthy are the electrolytes, the potassium and sodium, that are about three times over that of banana, which are important in muscle and nerve functions too. Equally important are the several Vitamin B complex especially B3 or folic acid for ideal fetal development among pregnant women, anti-oxidants like Vitamins C and E, iron and copper for blood, and calcium for normal bone development. Maybe, just maybe, if kids will be taught "A" is for Avocado then seeing avocado on the table will bring delight to kids and older people alike. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: