Health Following an adequate diet is the shortest path to a perfect health, but it may be also a hard path to walk. It’s useful to keep in mind some do’s and don’ts to help you walk along this path and achieve a new life as easily and quickly as possible. DO ask a professional nutritionist about what diet suits you the most. A personalized, specific diet plan is the best starting point. Be sure to tell him about your current eating habits and other important things like your free time, at what times you get in and out from work, and so on, so the plan is modified to make it easy for you to follow. DO keep your diet plan in mind al all times. Stick it to the fridge’s door, have a copy at your desk’s top drawer there at the office, and keep another one on your night table. The more times you see it, the most used to it you’ll get and eventually you will follow it exactly without any effort. DO get substitutes for snacks. If you are a snack person, substitute them with healthier food. For instance, instead of getting a peanut butter sandwich, get a cracker and some white cheese; instead of eating cookies while watching TV, get an apple. As little as this may seem, it helps you greatly. DO complement your diet with physical exercising. A daily activity will help you burn fat and keep you in shape at the same time. An hour or two at the gym, or even a long nice walk everyday will help your body as well as clearing your mind. DO visit your physician on a regular basis. He will keep track of your progress, inform you about how you are doing and make adjustments to your diet plan, if they are needed. As with every other thing, a diet, when not followed properly, can be harmful rather that beneficial for your health; and a lot people think that making a diet plan harder will increase its effectiveness. To avoid making some mistakes when dieting, here are some warnings. DON’T exercise excessively. As good as moderately exercising can be for you, it can harm your body when excessive. Every body is different, have in mind that not everyone is an athlete and that it is better to increase your physical exercise gradually rather than all at once. Exercising too hard for too long increases the amount of free radicals in you blood and tissues, and may lead to severe injuries to your muscles. DON’T share your diet. Some people think it will be easer to follow a diet if their husband or wife follows it too. Keep in mind that your diet is specific to you, and may not be suitable for your couple. If you want to diet together, then both must get personalized diet plans with an expert nutritionist. DON’T change the amounts. For instance, if your diet plan says one apple, it makes no sense to have just half an apple. Far from accelerating weight loss, it can prevent you from getting all the nutrients you need. If you still think your diet plan is too easy, ask your physician about what foods can you substitute with nutritional supplements. Remember, he is the professional, not you. Well, that’s all for now. I hope you find these tips useful. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: