Shopping-and-Product-Reviews The desire to declare love for another is a time-honored practice as old as the human race, with as many ways to express it as there are grains of sugar in a box of chocolates. Through the ages, lovers have been titillated by the romances of the worlds most famous paramours, from Pyramus and Thisbe to Brad and Angelina, from Romeo and Juliette to John and Yoko. Fortunately, most of us have never felt the need to fall on our swords over a lost love, and regrettably we lack the ability to write great love songs that will outlive us. But who hasnt snipped lines from poets such as Elizabeth Barrett Browning or Lord Byron to send to sweethearts as Valentines gifts? If you are not into the Romantic poets, you have probably at least spent many minutes perusing the racks for just the right Hallmark cards to accompany your Valentines gifts. Originally simple sentiments hand-written from one person to another, commercial Valentines cards today can be embellished with romantic music and even fragrances. Long-stemmed red roses and chocolates by Godiva are a Valentines Day tradition, of course, but nothing says I love you better than Valentines Day jewelry. From Valentines Day rings to trendy statement necklaces, jewelry is a no-fail gift option. Perhaps the most famous piece of romantic jewelry is the 69.42-carat pear-shaped Taylor-Burton diamond, a present for Elizabeth Taylor from Richard Burton. This class D-color flawless stone was originally cut by famous jeweler Harry Winston and his expert cleaver, who studied it for six months before creating the famous gem from a rough stone weighing 240.80 carats! Liz first wore it in public when attending the 40th birthday party for Princess Grace of Monaco. After her divorce from Burton, Liz sold it, declaring she wanted to build a hospital in Africa with part of the proceeds. Perhaps she did sell it for altruistic reasons, or maybe it was because diamonds have no mercy and will show up the wearer if they can," according to a character in The Sandcastle by the British author Iris Murdoch. But Liz had nothing over Queen Cleopatra of Egypt. Her Antony, a Roman politician and general, carved up state territory to give to Cleopatra’s children making her the Queen Mum for part of the eastern Roman Empire. Valentines Day rings are a timeless gift because the circular nature of this piece of jewelry symbolizes infinity and eternal love. Rings can be personalized with names, initials, and special sentiments that make them unforgettable Valentines Day gifts. The famous 18K sapphire and diamond ring given to Lady Diana by Prince Charles has recently made news again, with the proposal by their son William to Kate Middleton. Will presented his intended with his mothers ring, which sparkles with 14 small diamonds in an elegant cluster setting. But you do not need to be a royal to give or own a romantic ring when Cupids arrow strikes. Despite gold prices reaching historic highs, there are many lovely options priced around $100, which are beautifully crafted and sure to become treasured keepsakes. After all, even Dianas ring was not designed especially for her. Rather, it was one she selected herself from a collection after the proposal. About the Author: By: manishdutt – The article describes how Mamata Banerjee, the Chief Minister of West Bengal, celebrates Rakhi. It also enumerates the different gifting options that are available online for this auspicious occasion. By: manishdutt – This article suggest top five gifting items for your loved ones on this Akshaya Tritiya to make them feel special and happy. By: Jasson C – Stuhrling, as a company, has an interesting history. Though not backed by a century-long heritage, its prowess lies in building quality, luxury-type watches at a price way down lower than others. They keep the costs down by not investing heavily into sponsorships and celebrity endors … By: manishdutt – This article discusses about various popular gifts available for International Family day available on this reliable gifting website. By: manishdutt – This article discusses about various gifting ideas to send to your loved ones on this Bihu to make it extra special for them. By: manishdutt – This article discusses about last minute gift ideas to give your mom on this Mothers Day. By: manishdutt – This article discusses the various gift ideas with which you can delight your loved ones during Bengali New Year. By: manishdutt – The article talks about gifting options for the occasion of Mothers Day. It especially deals with about personalised gifts and describes the ones that are available online in full detail. By: manishdutt – The article describes the innovative way in which Rakhi is celebrated in Vrindavan. 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