Video-Conferencing Cisco has been at the forefront of the ever-growing global conferencing industry and is the undisputed leader of the market. It is the preferred choice of corporate firms that wish to use a solution that can extend the work environment of the organisation outside the building and transcend boundaries. The virtual conferencing solutions provided by Cisco create a workspace that allows thousands of distantly located personnel to meet cohesively and collaborate. Hosting an online meeting using Cisco WebEx web conferencing suites is the simplest, most convenient and most cost effective way of collaborating with distantly located personnel. Ciscos channel partners have the liberty to integrate its WebEx platform with their proprietary solutions to create a larger and more comprehensive ecosystem for hosting a virtual event. With an integrated solution, users can not only engage in web conferencing but can simultaneously hold multipoint audio calls in order to better explain things and put their points forward. Conducting a high profile online meeting that will be attended by top level management, including CEOs, CTOs, COOs etc., requires high level of skills. Therefore, such a hosted virtual event requires the expertise of a dedicated Event Manager. Companies like Arkadin Hong Kong provide customised, branded and operator assisted integrated WebEx event solutions to their clients in order to cater to the demand for such a personalised service. The Event Manager not only sends invitations and reminders but also makes sure that the event goes on without any glitches. Nowadays, a virtual event does not involve just the people who are attending the event, but also those who are not connected to the meeting even though they are still affected by it, such as Investor Relations Meeting ; A real-time broadcast of the ongoing WebEx-based online meeting can prove to be beneficial for such Investor Relations Meetings on a large scale. A virtual conference suite brings together the mobile workforce of the world as well, since road warriors equipped with a Smartphone or tablet computer can engage in a multipoint web conference too. In online meetings conducted using integrated WebEx solutions, users can easily connect with each other in spite of the distance, time zone and cultures that divide them. Dedicated apps for a host of devices certainly prove relevant to the masses, as mobile users across Hong Kong are demanding a solution that liberates them from the limitations posed by conventional desk-based conferencing applications. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: