Automobiles Accodring to stats about 9 billions tons of freight a year are being hauled.. For the US only that comprises about 64%. So how crucial are trucking services to the US consumers? There are communities out there that rely primarily on trucking to deliver their merchandise. Totalling up to 70% of the services they want from trucking You could say "Without Trucks . . . America STOPS!" But how much does a truck driver earn? Largely the truck industry annual estimated revenue is about at 255 billion. For small time carries they can go up to $98 billion of earnings in year. On average, truck drivers runs about 100 thousand miles on the road annually. About 4 times the size of our planet! Let’s say a 21 year experience truck driver, he will accumulate just about 2,220,000 miles. Revolving around the globe 89+ times. Some have a huge total of 5 million miles in their entire life as a truck driver. Now, that is 200+ times around the globe! Considering those miles that he travel and be converted? A common driver make get an average of $32,400 to $42,300. Without considering which company hired him. How much does a truck driver earn? A great majority of the truckers make gross salaries that range between $100,000 and $150,000 each year. On the other hand, operating cost of trucks goes up to 50%, making an earning of about $50,000 and $75,000. Some companies only gives about an annual payout of $60,000, you should be suspicious. It just wont happen in the real world. The overall average annually salary is $35,000. Is it worth the stress or headaches that are involved in road trucking? The long hours of staying away from home and out of the family. Questions one shall have an answer and commitment before getting the job. Trucking is now the consider the one of the highest paid jobs. Though its still not acceptable to the public’s eye. As a truck driver, youll be able to play a key role in ensuring that your "way of life" goes on. Even the chance of travelling the long roads, you get to explore some new and exciting things. As contrasting to many other professions, the more years you get to a truck driver the more high the salary is. How knowledgable you are of the road the more you will be paid. Adding more, its how you utilize each components, gears, and driving skills one posses the more earnings he gets. Moreover, experince lays a key role, a driver can fix slight mechanic faults as he is on-road. Making every decision of where to put the loads inside the truck How much does a truck driver earn? For all the end of this a truck driver earns through years of experience and knowledge About the Author: 相关的主题文章: