Networking You see despite what may have been suggested to you, it is not all about the MLM Company or their compensation plan, but it is all about how you will relate to the products and services that they have for sale. OK I hear you say, but I am not just selling the products and services, the money is in selling the "Business Opportunity". The reality is that this is the wrong focus!This is time to sit back and take a deep breath and think with a clear mind for a moment. Does Amway make money from selling the "Business Opportunity" or from moving product. In case you had not noticed, as you pay your joining fees, what do you get, a whole stack of discounted goods and or services that they have to offer.If there are no goods, produce or services, then that may well be considered to be the illegal activity of pyramid selling. Look all MLM programs are not the same and they do not all have the same ethics. But the one thing that is critical to the success of the company itself is to move or sell real products and or services. After all if they are not moving their goods and services all that will be left is that pyramid system. OK, so lets just take a quick look at the sale of the "opportunity". So it is clear for sure that the real money in building an MLM company is in establishing a strong network, and also that the network is collectively moving lots of stuff! I have no dramas with that concept. But, if you have no passion about your companies "Stuff", it is going to be very difficult to sell their products. And almost impossible to sell the business Plan. Regardless of the fact that almost all network marketers have a huge focus on selling the business plan, without a good balance of selling both the product as well as the business, it will be tough to succeed. Let me give you an example. I don’t think you will find many to disagree that Mary Kay is right up there as one of the best MLM Companies. But there is no way I would ever go any where near it. Strange you might be thinking. Allow me to introduce a few things about myself. I have spent some 21 years owning and operating retail furniture and printer consumable businesses, so I have extensive experience in selling a wide variety of products under many different circumstances. I am an adept sales person but, I am a middle aged Male from Australia.I love lots of things in life but one of them is definitely not cosmetics. So there are a couple of reasons why I have to pass on the fantastic opportunity offered by Mary Kay; -There is just no synergy between me and the wonderful goods available -It will be almost impossible for me to have any credibility with my prospects While this might be a faily obvious situation, my point is that the best "opportunity" or the best MLM company, is most likely to be a waste of time if you as the operator of your own business, do not have the right set of tools to make a go of the opportunity. To view this from a slightly different perspective, just look at anyone that you know who has made a success in their career or business. The underlying factor in all will be that they love doing what they do. Financial rewards will be secondary. So, If you are trying to choose best MLM company, then I suggest you ask yourself the question what is the best mlm company FOR ME? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: