2016 Table Tennis Super League Division of Hubei starting on 13 October, Wuhan newspaper reporter Zou Li reported: 2016 Chinese Table Tennis Club Super League Hubei division game 13, launched in Hubei city of Wuhan province Huangpi stadium. The world number one Liu Shiwen will represent Hubei in the table tennis super league. Chinese Table Tennis Club Super League is the highest level in the world table tennis league, including almost all the national active and all the world champion. In 2016 the pingpong ultra league tournament from October 15th to the end of December 31st, a total of 10 women’s teams competed, the race lasts two and a half months. Wuhan at 100 club in Hubei province is the only team, the club was founded in December 4, 2014, is the first branch in Hubei won the table tennis super references SEG certified table tennis club tournament, won the 2015 season Table Tennis Super Female College runner up, created the best record in Hubei province table tennis team in the Super League. This time, for better results, the club invited the local Hubei national team coach Rao Jingwen, the introduction of the national super athletes, ranked first in the world and Liu Shiwen from Hubei national champion Feng Yalan, Zhang Rui, and members of the club last season, Muzi had composed 2016 Gao Yang Liu Sai Ji Zhenrong. Wuhan Anxin 100 club will first round home court held on October 16th, against the Sichuan dome vanguard, October 23rd home court against the Bayi team against Shandong Luneng team in November 2nd.相关的主题文章: