1 million 610 thousand layers of personal information is being leaked sold recently, just east street in Wuchang Xu bought a house more than the owners received, Home Furnishing Jiezhuang company selling the phone. Most of them dislike and uneasiness, call the selling point names, even quote the number of the house, housing area, and to report to the police. Today, Metropolis Daily reporter learned from the Wuchang police, September 26th, police in Hankou arrested a unit of road construction information center senior LU, Lu has been identified more than 30 stealing, reselling personal information of citizens. These information after 6 layers sold a lot of leakage of at least 1 million 610 thousand times more than the resale. Just received a call to buy a house in mid September, in Wuchang East Street, a real estate sales of Lee received a sales call, the other asked whether the need for custom furniture. I do not know what is intended, the other side not only quoted Mr. Lee by name, Mr. Lee also mentioned the purchase of housing, even house number apartment layout area, although the tone of Mr. Lee felt his refined and courteous, leakage of personal information, angry and upset, after more than to head to the police station in Wuchang District reflect. More than the head of the police station also received the jurisdiction of other owners to report: "we are also in the home company in the East Main Street, close to you." According to the marketing information from the newspaper, the plainclothes police visited a number of home decoration decoration company, furniture and building materials market, find out the salesman named Zhang Qi, 26 years old, Honghu, is a company salesman, September 18th at noon in the Dong Street a 5 floor Home Furnishing will capture the market. Police inspection found that Zhang Mouqi’s cell phone chat records and transfer of information to show the illegal sale of personal information of citizens, and then check their laptops, storage of about 100 thousand residential owners personal information. The layers of reselling personal information was odd Zhang explained, is information in each of the four or five cents of the price to buy houmou, he and houmou met in "Wuhan information exchange" QQ group, the group of mostly young salesman. He also explained, because the wage income mainly depends on the sales, in order to impact sales, at their own expense to buy these information, spent tens of thousands of dollars, but there is no loss, he put these information and sold to the clerk Liu, Hu, break even, but earned 10 thousand yuan. In the afternoon, the police rushed to the Zhuankou District captured in this rental houmou (24 years old, Jianshi county), and subsequently arrested Liu (25 years old, Hunan Chenzhou people), Hu (34 years old, Suizhou people). The illegal sale of personal information of citizens houmou come from? He confessed to the Kim (34 years old, Xinzhou people) to buy, Kim was in 2014 when he met at a friend’s party. On the morning of September 20th, Kim was arrested in Wuchang Greenland international finance city rental department, the account of the on-line Ryu (21 years old, Hanchuan people), the two had worked in the same decoration company salesman. Police tracked to Jianghan Road arrested Liu, Liu for a friend Zhang (32 years old, Shayang people). In September 22nd, Zhang was arrested in the nine peak of a residential rental office, police received 300 thousand personal information in the computer found. Zhang explained, he graduated from Wuhan college tennis professional, last year in a decoration company as a sales executive. He is a source of information in a department responsible for the maintenance of the network and相关的主题文章: