The average age is 70 years old. Why are Nobel laureates so old

The average age is 70 years old. Why are Nobel laureates so old? Phoenix Technology News Beijing on October 7th news, according to foreign media reports, in this year’s Nobel prize has been announced, the average age of the winner reached 72 years old, but it is not always seen from the exchanges. Why are Nobel laureates getting older than they were earlier? The Nobel prize winner the age distribution in the published 2016 Nobel prize in physiology or medicine, including physics, chemistry, award winners, all the minimum age is 65 years old, mostly over 72 years old. But dates back to the first half of twentieth Century, when the average age of Nobel winner will be only 56 years old. Take the Nobel prize for physics, for example, and now the winners are basically 65 years of age, and in the last century when the winner of the average age of only 47 years old. In fact, from the beginning of the world in 50s, in all areas of traditional science, there has been a Nobel prize winner of the age of this trend has continued until today. We often hear such a story, said a few hundred years ago, a writer or philosopher of profound knowledge, be learned in books read over all the time, books, and no one can. The story may be true, but there is no doubt that knowledge has been constantly increasing, and even can be used to describe the explosion. But is it because we are faced with so much information and theory today that scientists have been able to make a breakthrough in their later years? This may not be the real answer. The Nobel museum curator Gustaf · Bertrand Kells (GustavKä llstrand) gives his explanation. He said that 100 years ago, the world has only about 1000 physicists, and up to now, it is estimated that the number of global physicists up to 1 million. "This is an important factor. It takes a long time to get a Nobel prize, and you won’t be awarded the Nobel prize immediately, even if you have made a breakthrough in a certain field." He said. Even now, the scientists in their early life has made a scientific research results, but there are other colleagues in the same tens of thousands of research topics, and the Nobel prize selection committee has high inspection standard, a scientific research achievements to win you may need to wait for many years. Nobel prize winner belongs to the national division map but we still have questions. For example, there are a large number of writers, economists or peace enthusiasts to win the Nobel prize, compared with 100 years ago, much more, but their age of winning is very different. Why is the aging trend of the Nobel prize winner more obvious than that of Physiology or medicine? Kyle Strand pointed out that all attributed to the early 20th century, the field of quantum mechanics brought about by the scientific revolution. "In the first half of the 20th century, physics became a rapidly growing field, and many physicists were young, and they soon made important discoveries." Kyle Strand said, "the Nobel committee is aware of these. This is an area of interest to them, and they will soon accept it相关的主题文章:

September has arrived! Look at these early autumn is the most beautiful place (video)

September has arrived! Look at these early autumn is the most beautiful place [Abstract] autumn is best season for traveling in europe. The tide receded, the weather is not so hot in summer, visitors can comfortably in the streets of Europe open-air coffee shop and sat down for a cup of coffee. From September to the early autumn, look at these most beautiful place! What are the European tourist destination? Autumn is the best season for travel in europe. The tide receded, the weather is not so hot in summer, visitors can comfortably in the streets of Europe open-air coffee shop and sat down for a cup of coffee. Of course, the most attractive or Europe show these attractions in the early autumn period of amazing scenery. First, the United Kingdom, London, London was named the most popular city in autumn in europe. Whether it is a new hotel in London, such as floating Sunborn Hotel, or in the high roof bar, or the London Heathrow Airport unsurprisingly topped. London’s tall buildings have been constantly refreshed, the latest is the 87 floor of the lighthouse – London shard building. London, England (the Shard) as the tallest building in Europe to design and construction, 1016 feet tall (310 meters), costing $450 million, about 4 billion 540 million yuan. "Shard building" inspired by the spires and masts of ships on the Thames River. The overall shape is narrow width, the top of the spire gradually disappeared in the sky, like a sixteenth Century pinnacles or tall ship mast. The building form from irregular base building, open to the sky, let it breathe. The building will make up for the irregular shape of the base. Each inch of skin is covered by the inward tilt and the upward growth of the glass sheet, and finally formed a glittering and translucent glass Pyramid. Finally, the top of the glass plate will not contact each other, forming an open space for the entire building to provide a breathing opening. Piano uses a sophisticated glass curtain wall, the highly expressive facade of the building consists of an angled window pane, reflecting light and changing the pattern of the sky. This kind of facade can change the form of the building according to the weather and the seasons. Two, Spain, Madrid in the past few years, the Spanish economy continues to slump, but this does not affect its position in the hearts of tourists. Here is not only delicious tapas, cutting-edge gin, there is a large park and Museum of art. You can choose the higher floors of the hotel, while tasting a panoramic view of madrid. Madrid is the most recommended Madrid palace, but Prado Museum is worth exploring. Prado Museum is located in the Prado Avenue, one of the world’s leading museums, has first-class Spanish and European art collections, and the Le Louvre Museum, the The National Gallery in Britain, Spain is the supreme art palace. The Prado Museum Museum reached more than 10 thousand, in addition to Goya, Velazquez and other native Spanish masters, is also a collection of Titian, Lubensi, Yeluoni at · Bosch famous artists such as art treasures, and the queen Sophia National Art Center, Boneimisa teesson – art museum together constitute the famous "Ma De.相关的主题文章:

The Travel Agency refused 12 fake information tourists claim 440 thousand awarded 50 thousand bree daniels

The Travel Agency refused 12 fake information tourists claim 440 thousand awarded 50 thousand original title: because of travel agency information 12 German tourists were forged JINGWAH refused Times News (reporter Zheng Yujia) travel agency said counterfeit ticket information, resulting in Europe tour visa is a collective refusal, Ms. Wu, 12 people will China Taihe Travel Agency Limited company to court claims more than 44 yuan. Court of first instance judgment travel agency compensation of 5 yuan, Ms. Wu, who refused to appeal. Recently, the appeal in the second session of the city court hearing. Ms. Wu, 12 people in June 25, 2014 and Taihe travel agency signed a contract, agreed by the other agent 12 euro Schengen tourist visa and travel to Germany, Italy to access services, and pay 12 yuan. Ms. Wu, who submitted to the travel agency tickets and hotel pre orders, part of the ticket booking by the travel agency. In July 11th, the travel agency told Ms. Wu et al., the whole tourist visa by the German Embassy collective refusal. Therefore, originally scheduled for departure in August 4th European tour can not be scheduled on time. Ms. Wu said, she told the German Embassy email, the reason is "the Travel Agency refused forged flight booking information". Because of that the travel agency forged ticket information fraud, resulting in the tourist itinerary was delayed, Wu et al will travel to the East Court, seeking compensation for the economic losses totaling more than 44 yuan. During the trial, Ms. Wu to the court submitted a reply to the embassy and other evidence. Dongcheng court held that the travel agency fails to provide flight information to the visa agency visa refusal et al. True, the plaintiff failed to cause et al at a predetermined time travel, and cause economic losses, should bear the liability for breach of contract. Court of First Instance sentenced travel agencies to compensate the plaintiff 5 yuan. After the first instance verdict, Ms. Wu, who refused to appeal to the second city hospital. Wu believes that the travel agency’s behavior has constituted fraud, should be 3 times the compensation in accordance with the law. Recently, the appeal in the second session of the city court hearing. The case is not in court for sentencing. Editor: Ni Zijian相关的主题文章:

Dinner illegal inquiry of cadres and discipline – Beijing shuyue

"Dinner" illegal inquiry of cadres and discipline in the new network – May 18th, Xinhua net "discipline" 20 forbidden "stop" dinner crazy "" one article, the Jilin Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection to "20 ban" in the form of a dinner red, not only for the control of greedy mouth, it is dishonest to take control "the hand of corruption", by users praise. In high pressure corruption is the wind under the "dinner" once again caused widespread concern. In this regard, experts pointed out that the governance violation of discipline and rules should have dinner in front of it. 1 under the ban eating unhealthy "underground" as of April 30th this year, Fujian province to investigate violations of the provisions of the central eight mental problems, involving the illegal public funds have 74, 147 people, 9 kinds of problems in the report ranked second. This set of data in the country is 765, 1044 people, 9 kinds of problems in the report ranked fifth. Bulletin of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Department "51" on the eve of the 8 of the eight Central provisions violate the spirit of the typical cases, there are 2 cases involving illegal "dinner". With the provisions of the central eight continue to promote the implementation of, and effectively curb the unhealthy trend around. However, there are still some "chowhound" officials can’t keep their mouth, "do not eat eat money boss, not into the club into the community", the so-called "canteen", "feast" no less than the degree of luxury luxury club. Xinhua News Agency reported in Anhui, a town government cafeteria is divided into two layers. The first floor is the staff room, the two floor ", the distribution of a few boxes hidden but beautiful spot", one of the biggest box in the table can satisfy 20 people to dinner, a luxurious, beside the teahouse, chess tables, and the like hotel restaurant high-end box. "Now a small part of public funds has become a" online meal ordering ", the use of the Internet fast consumption, on the one hand to evade supervision, on the other hand also provide more consumer choice." Sichuan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Qingshen county cadres Deng Mingye said. Fujian Shaowu, Jiangsu Lishui, Guangdong Kaiping, Yunnan Luo equality Commission staff also revealed that some illegal dinner has been "let go near the business owners or their families to receive", "into the residential area or private villa", "transfer to the adjacent counties", "people hired a senior chef at private kitchens with leadership, leadership, condolences on the body care room" and other variants. Fujian Province, Sanming City discipline party and government supervision director Zhang Xingsen in the inspection also found that some people eat not open invoice, all open quota invoice, decomposition or will be accounted for reimbursement; open office supplies invoices and expenses in financial reporting units, break up the whole into parts sales; some even exceed the budget hospitality in conference fees, difference travel, training fees charged to other subjects in public consumption. Some city (county) departments, township, direct reception menu, invoice "three single", the reception time and number, work reasons, leadership, personnel, the reception to accompany the meal costs are relatively vague, it’s hard to tell the actual use of funds". Some experts pointed out that in the face of the red line, is still illegal dinner Jinerbuzhi, suggesting that some party members and cadres have not discipline this string taut. Game 2 "dinner" behind the Zhejiang)相关的主题文章:

Guangming Daily Shaoxing fire, don’t forget the Kunqu Opera – View – melia kreiling

Guangming Daily: Shaoxing fire, don’t forget the Kunqu Opera – View – original title: Shaoxing fire, don’t forget the Kunqu Opera as the first batch of selected UN Intangible Cultural Heritage Representative of the Chinese project, Kunqu Opera heritage value of almost all precipitation in hundreds of traditional opera. Therefore, it is an urgent task to carry out the rescue and protection of traditional repertoire. The G20 Hangzhou summit performances dream poem singing, let the world enjoy the China traditional opera beauty, which makes people think of another magnificent ancient opera – opera. As the first batch of selected UN Intangible Cultural Heritage Representative of the Chinese project, Kunqu Opera heritage value of almost all precipitation in hundreds of traditional opera. Therefore, in the older generation of Kunqu Opera actor inheritance the traditional repertoire of rescue protection arrangement is an urgent a pressing matter of the moment. Since 2004, Kunqu Opera writer, producer Bai Xianyong joint on both sides of the three scholars, artists together to create a youth version of Kunqu Opera became popular in the world, even his popularity, and cultivate a group of young opera lovers, let the classics "the Peony Pavilion" hairpin "full of new life. Since then, in the opera heritage plan of Peking University and other colleges and universities set up courses in Colleges and universities, Kunqu Opera, Kunqu Opera, Kunqu Opera Culture Week held excellent project performance, the protection of Kunqu opera culture and the development of Kunqu heritage fresh blood, promote the development of traditional culture, the Kunqu Opera became a kind of cultural phenomenon". In fact, a review of the history of Kunqu Opera, each historical period has important significance to the development of Kunqu opera characters and events, whether it is the beginning of the peak, or on the occasion of the decline. These are the important figures and events that Kunqu Opera stretches so far. For example, in the early industrialist Mu Ouchu was in Suzhou five acres of park opened Kunqu Opera Institute, cultivate famous Kunqu Opera in the history of "Zibei" performers, to an important role for the survival of the ancient drama of Kunqu Opera play. If there is no school, we now probably only in the play or musical score to see the opera. Different times, inheritance of Kunqu Opera in different ways, to review the promotion of heritage and contemporary opera, it is too early. For example, white’s youth version of the opera, starring level, structure, script tailoring, choreography, singing clothing design and other aspects of the shortcomings, has been inseparable from the traditional music arts and academic criticism discussion. The inheritance of Kunqu Opera project, form than content, entertain more than "broad-spectrum" promotion, also each have questioned the voice of. In addition, there are series of fire, but the fire is not drama phenomenon, many people only think of mentioning the Kunqu Opera "Peony Pavilion". As a reference to the the Imperial Palace, is to see the "riverside"; a reference to the Le Louvre Museum, is to see "Monalisa"; a reference to Taipei, is to see jade cabbage. So it would be too Maiduhaizhu inheritance. But the practice is better than the previous talk, to Kunqu opera art high perspicacity and foresight, must be established on the basis of numerous attempts, repeated practice, and breakthrough. The inheritance law is not fixed, the new "fifteen Guan" sing opera created "a play on both sides of the Changjiang River, save a drama of the story, lead Kunming)相关的主题文章:

The ants short rent to Xinhua 15 seconds, millions of red envelopes help Happy Halloween – tourism S queer as folk

The ants short rent to Xinhua 15 seconds, millions of red envelopes help Happy Halloween – Sohu tourism ants short rent jointly Xinhua 15 seconds to create millions of red envelopes, help the Halloween party, caused widespread concern about the industry. It is reported that the two sides jointly launched the theme of "Halloween, explore the H5 game has been handed down treasures" grand line in October 27th, and the explosive spread in the network television, Xinhua news agency Xinhua news client,, ZAKER, NetEase, news headlines today, every day, express a little information, Baidu news, free reading, Beijing time, Phoenix News, Sina News channel. Where the theme of the H5 game on the line only the same day, the number of participants involved in breaking through the million mark, opened a national Halloween carnival. Since August 2016, the performance of the ant short rental growth and a new round of brand offensive speed again. September to live on the eleven ants short rent popular outdoor advertising debut in Beijing and other major cities and second tier cities, access to a large number of National Day Golden Week travel users, the rapid occupation of the short travel market rent. October 10th and Sogou ants short big data research institute jointly issued the "2016 eleven" Golden Week "tourism short rental market analysis report", with big data analysis about the real face network "has become the new hot travel accommodation. In October 11th the ants short term upgrade release "tenant peace plan", launched the first short rent pension services industry security standards, the short term industry customer service level to a new level. Xinhua Xinhua network television is 15 seconds to launch the first ultra short news video client, with 15 seconds long video gold as the starting point, the main short video news market, let users in 15 seconds fast and intuitive understanding of the global hot news, is China’s first ultra short news video applications. The ants short rent is the largest online short rent hostel reservation platform dedicated to leisure tourism users with "ant" optimization of high cost short rent apartments, villas and other characteristics, inn Hostel wooden houses. Meet the family accommodation, enjoy the general comfort of home, 50% cheaper than the hotel, the local landlord to do the wizard, is a new choice for family travel. It is reported that the ants short rent 15 seconds after the joint Xinhua, said the two sides will continue to strengthen resource cooperation, jointly build holiday marketing activities!相关的主题文章:

In the northern part of the country there is a rainstorm the South will be the end of the hig cad2012序列号和密钥

Local areas of the north south high temperature heavy rain   will end – environmental protection – in Beijing in August 25, according to the China weather network news, yesterday (24 days), affected by cold air, the northern part of the region began to rain. The next three cold air will continue eastward and southward, from north to South China will see a process of precipitation, heavy rain in some areas; after the rain, our overall temperature will decrease, the south hot days will end. In the second half of the first round of cold air hit the northern part of the local heavy rain yesterday, the second half of this year, the impact of China’s first round of cold air strikes, the northern region, especially Gansu, Qinghai and other places to usher in rainfall. Monitoring data show that the last 05 to 05 today, southern Gansu, central Shaanxi, Hainan youth department, Shaanxi central and southern Hebei to the moderate to heavy rain, which Hebei, Huanghua daily rainfall of 148.4 mm, up to the level of heavy rainstorm. At the same time in the northeast region, Jilin unique, yesterday, a heavy rain, but also the country’s largest provincial capital city, the cumulative rainfall reached 52 mm. With the cold air continues eastward south, today in China from the north to the south there is a precipitation process, is expected to 25 to 27, the southern North China, Huang Huai, Jianghan, South Western, Southwest China, and Southern China, from the north to the south, there will be a moderate to heavy rainfall, heavy rain in some areas or rainstorm, severe convection and thunderstorms and other weather and heavy rainfall in some areas above, hour rainfall from 20 to 50 mm. Among them, today’s rainfall mainly concentrated in Shandong, Henan, Hunan and other places. The central meteorological station is expected to 26, 08, 25, 08, northern Shandong, Western Huang Huai, Jianghan Midwest, South West, southern Shaanxi, southwestern Sichuan basin, Eastern Jilin and other places have moderate to heavy rain, the local area of northern Shandong, Western Hubei, northern Hunan and other places with heavy rain or heavy rain (100 ~ 120 mm), these local and accompanied by strong convective short-time strong precipitation, thunderstorms or hail and other weather. Tomorrow, the cold air across the Yangtze River, southern rainfall enhancement, rainfall center will be moved to the south of the Yangtze River, the north area is gradually restored to the fine weather. The South will be the end of the minimum temperature in the north or fall to 10 degrees after the rain, the north and South temperatures will drop significantly. The northern region gradually usher in autumn, the lowest temperature or below 10 DEG C; southern hot weather was "rescued", tomorrow the temperature range will be substantially reduced, 27 disappeared. Since August 11th, the high temperature in the South continued today, a wide range of hot weather will continue. To this end, the Central Meteorological Observatory issued a yellow warning temperature, is expected to 25 during the day, the Sichuan basin, Chongqing, Jianghan, JAC southwestern, central Southern China and other places in northern and Eastern Guizhou, southern, high temperatures above 35 degrees, the Sichuan basin, Eastern Chongqing, Eastern Guizhou Hunan, Western and southeastern Jiangxi, Western and northeastern Zhejiang, central and southern, northern Fujian, northern Guangxi and other places of maximum temperatures up to 37 to 40 DEG C. Tomorrow with the cold air eastward)相关的主题文章:

[Finland] demicheli, Zaire Horse Lake winflash

[Finland] demicheli, Zaire Horse Lake Lake  Saimaa, So many fun in winter! From Helsinki by train, to the north, I came to the beautiful town of Mikkeli (Mikkeli). It is a small town, because of Mikkeli’s urban population, but fifty thousand people. But in Finland it is counted with much land and few people, is a considerable size of the city. Mikkeli nestled in Finland’s largest lake Horse Lake (Lake  Saimaa) next to the lake is the largest city, its history can be traced back to the century, and from the year began to become the capital city, is now the capital of East Finland province. Mikkeli winter, a world of ice, the ice is the beautiful Cathedral! Restaurants in the city, the pancakes are local characteristics, and the lake from the fish, very delicious to the city itself is not actually Mikkeli, but his horse Lake in winter. In his horse Lake (Lake  Saimaa) on the north side of the lake, the lake in the forest cabin, not far from the border with russia. Early hear people say, this area is known as expected, this delicacy, a dinner in Finland is my best taste a variety of salad (mushroom salad, extremely delicious), the traditional way of salmon and DIY  smoked, pancakes, drink beer and Finland. Outside the snow, the gluttonous delicacy, a great pleasure in life. Second days after getting up, went to his horse lake ice lake fishing experience. Here to pay dozens of euros, you can unlimited fishing for a year. The harvest is not small, very fresh and delicious soup for lunch, ice drill in the lake, but the lake in an effort to live the day, almost every day to change the way you see, Finnish, mud covered with the body, the lake where it is windy, riding a horse sled run a lap, a cold snivel, but really fun by boat to a island called Niinisaari, there is a traditional way of life of the village we came to the village blacksmith   in the blacksmith’s tune, I made my works of this small island can be a variety of ways, for example, the traditional Finland sled or, wearing snow shoes, hiking in the forest in a tent a drink, feeling is wonderful Zaire Horse Lake in winter, there are a variety of ways . Stay out all day and try all kinds of winter outdoor sports in Finland. The first is the sleigh rides in his horse lake on an island, and then came to the lake, ride Finland sled around the village, and finally put the snow shoes, in a primeval forest on foot to see the sunset. Now get back to the house and warm up, almost frozen into a snowman. Stay in his horse Lake three four days late, leaving early in the morning that day, and finally to the sunshine, the beautiful, that music ah. Third visit to Finland in winter, so I completely fell in love with this "Mensao" country. The original Finland winter, can be fun. In zaire.相关的主题文章:

Obama appeared in the White House garden to help out without hands-on help was talk – in the new net 660003

Obama appeared in the White House garden to help out without hands-on help was "talk" – Beijing, Beijing, 7 October, according to Central News Agency reports, the U.S. first lady Michel on the afternoon of 6 last time as the hostess of the White House as inviting teenagers together for the White House garden food, President Obama appeared unexpectedly but, he did not help, was criticized by Michel "talk". Obama entered the White House in 2009, Michel opened garden on the South Lawn of the White House, the promotion of healthy vegetarian food. 3 months later, she will be with this piece of his own and create a garden to say goodbye, the afternoon of the 6 day of her last to first lady’s identity led the children to harvest, and Obama appeared unexpectedly, to bring you a surprise, but apparently Michel wanted him to do more. Obama took off his suit jacket, appeared in the White House garden, and shook hands with the children say hello, and he is familiar with the retired NBA heat player (Alonzo Mourning) chat. At this time, the staff handed him a pair of gloves, but Obama set on and off and then handed over to Michel, didn’t stop Michel for the first time and did not say what, unexpectedly, Obama later lead to encourage "come on, let’s go!" Michel said, "we look at, who is wearing a tie, said not to practice ah!" The scene view, Obama seems to be mourning a talk, there are a lot of physical interaction, but he is not good for Michel and the kids digging sweet potatoes, vegetables, pick out Vegetable & Fruit but, right and left in the garden, and friends to chat, group photo, Obama to everyone laugh photography small, and friends play together. To stay for about 10 minutes with no help from the White House garden, food, Obama said he had to go back to work, but he did not forget to kiss and say goodbye to Michel, Michel and their friends to now take is to do, enjoy vegetarian afternoon.相关的主题文章:

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